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Crack Princess Sims
Simming At Demented Levels
1st-Apr-2015 08:46 pm - Download A Legacy....
Miki & Alaina
Want to download one or multiple members from a legacy? Sounds great to me!! Download them here. Simply click on the LJ-Cut bearing the family's name that you would like to download from. Custom Content is not made by me unless otherwise stated; follow the links on the side navigation to visit some great custom content sites.

Recommended Custom ContentCollapse )
9th-Apr-2010 06:16 am - Delaying
Okies I do have 1.8 chapter done and finished, but it won't be up for a couple of days. I have a lot going on at the moment and haven't found time to really play my game or hop on and update... Though for whatever reason I spent about 6 hours creating an icon community o.O Don't ask, I don't have answers XD

Anyway I should have an update at the end of the weekend I'm hoping. I'm also working on a Sims 2 project that I've been trying to get done. Sooo yea... I have a lot to do lol. I just wish my Sims 3 game would stop with the crashing so often... -grumbles-
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