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Miki Mayhem
19 April
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Hi there, and thanks for taking an interest in my mundane little life =D My name is Miki, it's nice to meet your all. This is my Sims journal, because honestly, I lack an actual life. I've played all the Sims games, though for each generation of games, I've always ended up lacking an expansion pack somewhere o.O Actually, if you want to take it a bit further back, I used to play Sim City, Theme Park, Sim Ant, and a bunch of the old-school Sim games. I'm a veteran at lacking a life lol!

This might bring you to the question of, "Just how old is this chick exactly?" Well, I was born on April 19, 1985; I'll let you do the math. Be aware though, I'm pretty much stuck at the age of five. No, I swear!! I buy food sometimes just for the toy, I prefer macaroni and cheese, and cheese pizzas compared to any other food I know. Goldfish crackers are my personal crack, according to my friends I'm pretty "scene" and my cat = my life.

Traits: Bookworm, Computer Whiz, Heavy Sleeper, Natural Cook, Unlucky
Favorites: Indie music, Macaroni & Cheese, Pink

I play other things other than Sims, I can at least say that my ENTIRE life isn't consumed by those damned digital people. I tend to crack out on my PS2 or 360 (mikixmayhem) I Photoshop, I read mountains of books (mostly Dean Koontz), and bake and cook like it's my job. Thanks for taking some time to get to know me. If you're interested in the list of books I've read, click here.

If you'd like to add me or follow me, please do!! If would like me to add or follow you, please leave a link on this thread, and I'll get back to you when I can =)

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